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Welcome to S*Mijmu Pix Siamese

My name is Emma Kronvall and I live in Stockholm, Sweden, with my three siamese cats and Saffy the whippet. The prefix S*Mijmu Pix was registred in SVERAK, FiFe, in February 2006. In April the same year the first litter was born.
I have a small breeding with only a few litters over the years. The cats are highly beloved (and quite a bit spoiled!) members of the family and their happiness, health and wellbeing is very important to me. I focus on breeding pure breed siameses – siameses with only siamese in their pedigree and behind.
Please check out the pages “Katter” (the cats) and “Historik” (History) for more info about present and past cats and litters. More info about plans or kittens (in English) you will find if you scroll down a bit on this page.
You are most welcome to contact me if you have questions or want to know more about cats or kittens.

Emma, S*Mijmu Pix


At the beginning of October, we lost our young male Åskar, S*Elegant Angels Thunder, due to a tumor that could not be operated on. It was a rapid process and the shock and sadness is still great. In addition to children and grandchildren after Åskar, we had hoped that he would have a long and wonderful cat life, full of mischief and cuddles and play. Åskar is greatly missed. 

Siameskattungar med sin mamma

Since we lost our young male Åskar I had to rethink about kitten plans. After a bit contenplating I have decided to repeat the same combination as in the previous litter. It was true love between handsome Ciao and Tanssi and we hope for a loving reunion this winter.Scroll down to read more. 

Geishagoll Winter Walkabout, SIA a


e. Geishagoll Winchester, SIA n
u. Geishagoll Boomerang, SIA a

(N)Sacred Soul´s Northernlights, SIA d


e: Melkatz Raspberry Beret, SIA d
u: S*Yahtzee´s Lara Fynn, SIA e

Being owned by a siamese

Getting a cat is for life, and something that shall not be taking lightly. As a responsible new cat owner I expect that you have been thinking this through very carefully before buying a cat; siamese or other breed or domestic cat. Do I have the time, the economy and the space for a cat in my life, right now as for many years to come? Is the siamese cat the breed for me?
Siameses are active, very social and highly intelligent cats. They have a lot of energy, loves to play and and are very qurious little Superheroes who loves to explore high and low.
Siameses are social cats who don’t like to be a lonely cat. A lonely siamese are most often unhappy, so having two siameses is highly to recommend.
Many siameses are very talkative and you can have long conversations. You always get an interesting and clever answer when talking to your siamese!

Emma, S*Mijmu Pix

  K I T T E N  I N F O

Kittens from S*Mijmu Pix are ready to leave home when they are 14-16 weeks old. By then they are:

– registrated in SVERAK, Fife, and have a SVERAK pedigree
– Fully vaccinated
– Microchipped
– Dewormed
– Have an insurance in Agria for undetectable faults during the veterinary exam for three years
– Mum and dad Cat are tested for FIV and FeLV before the mating. The cats are also tested for the parasites TF and Giardia.

The kittens comes with an health certifficate of maximum 7 days old when they move to their new home. They also bring their own little bag with a blanket that smells like mum and siblings, toys and food that they are used to.


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